When I think about Tokyo, I wonder how it took me so long before I visited this great city for the first time. For a city that’s larger than New York, with close to 10 million inhabitants, the city manages to keep a certain level of calmness to compliment the cleanliness around you and the… Continue reading Tokyo

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Madrid is one of those cities that I wish someone dragged me to earlier. With 5 million people living there, you immediately get some big-city feel upon arrival. However, unlike Barcelona, Madrid has a somehow very different atmosphere. For one, The people are friendlier and easier to connect with and also generally more stylish. For… Continue reading Madrid

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Barcelona is a city cherished by many. Some go for the people, others for the weather which is pretty good year-round, however, in my opinion, the main reason to go, is the food (as mentioned in the Madrid City Guide). The city is simply perfect for any food lover – from restaurant critics right through to… Continue reading Barcelona

Washington D.C.

The American capital is a pretty well-balanced, sophisticated and all-round good city to visit. The obvious reasons for people to go would be political work, or seeing the big monuments that fill the city. However if you go deeper and look beyond the Mall, you discover a thriving city with many great neighbourhoods, urban revival,… Continue reading Washington D.C.


Warsaw is simply – Larger than life. Everything there is bigger and clearly dreamt up to be better too. From the unimaginably large Palace of Culture and Science (Polish: Pałac Kultury i Nauki) to the 12 enormous bridges over the river Vistula – this city might only play home to 1.7 million people, but it’s… Continue reading Warsaw


Lisbon is city that conjures up many different images. From the yellow trams commuting up-and-down the hills, the golden hue of the luminous city’s buildings viewed from afar or perhaps if you’re a foodie, all you can think of is the famous Pastéis de Nata. Whatever moves you Lisbon is sure to have something. The… Continue reading Lisbon


Budapest is one of those cities that’s simply larger than life. From the liberty statue one the one end, towering over the enormous chain bridge, crossing to the grandiose Houses of Parliament on the Pest side. With a colourful ancient history – it’s like hybrid scene from a Wes Anderson film mixed with a Brothers Grimm… Continue reading Budapest

Los Angeles

“The angels” – better known as the place where dreams are made and where any gym can sell themselves on being the place of choice for “celebrities, models & actors”. This metropolis with mediterranean climate only sees 35 days of rain per year – hence the saying “always sunny in California”. It has plenty to see, never ending things to do, friendly people and un-imaginable traffic. This guide is the tip of the LA-iceberg, a hyper-curated selection and split by areas so you don’t spend your days in a car.


Copenhagen has been voted by Monocle as “The most liveable city”, it’s been lauded to have “The happiest people” and wherever you look everyone just seems to be pretty or at least well put together. So what is it about the city?

Cape Town

Cape Town is really one of those magical cities with a certain “je ne sais quoi”. Constantly voted by every other (mainly British) publication as top destination for a visit – probably due to it’s great weather, easy direct international flights & natural beauty. What they might not tell you is that is also has great food & wine and it’s cheap.