Warsaw is simply – Larger than life. Everything there is bigger and clearly dreamt up to be better too. From the unimaginably large Palace of Culture and Science (Polish: Pałac Kultury i Nauki) to the 12 enormous bridges over the river Vistula – this city might only play home to 1.7 million people, but it’s – Sprawling.


Warsaw Chopin Airport follows what seems to be an Eastern European trend of naming their airports in honour of their composers (see Budapest). It’s fairly easy to transfer with public transport as it’s only 9 kms from the city centre, but then at the same time Ubers & Cabs are plentiful, more convenient an cheap.

Getting Around

Have I mentioned – Warsaw is vast? Yeah, walking ain’t the most convenient. Pick an area, get Uber to take you there, and then explore whatever you wanted in the area. Traffic in Warsaw tends to be pretty freeflowing, so moving around isn’t too cumbersome.


Warsaw is a surprising foodie destination. For the latest hotpots check a local guide.

  • Zorza – A slick bistro Café in the city.
  • Mod – A simple, stylish eatery, next to the Donuts 🙂
  • Nolita – Slick new, Michelin-level, Polish cuisine.
  • MOMU – Relaxed bistro-style eatery in the business area. Great brunch.
  • Solec44 – Some more new hip Polish cuisine.


  • Nocny Market – Great early evening spot to grab a drink and bite with all the cool kids. Seasonal.
  • Cuda na Kiju – A craft beer tap bar, house in the old headquarters for the soviet party.
  • Oleandrów – a cosy hipster café bar.


  • There’s plenty happening in Warsaw. Check the local event guides for the latest.


  • She’s a riot – a beautifully curated store in the Mysia shopping building.
  • Mo 16 – Perfume lab. Drop in and get your own bespoke perfume blended.


  • Go see the awe-inspiring interior at Politechnika Warszawska (Warsaw University of Technology)
  • Head over to the Pałac Kultury i Nauki (Palace of Culture & Science) to see the best view of the city from one of the most insane buildings.
  • See a great example of new-soc architecture at the Polin Jewish Museum of Modern Art.
  • Head to SOHO Factory to see the area earmarked to become Warsaw’s equivalent of NYC’s SOHO.


There’s plenty of good hotels at great rates. Airbnb’s also aplenty.

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